Apply For Hawaii Water And Water Server

Here, you can place the New Order for Water Server and Hawaii Water!!!!!

*Currently, Hawaii Water 5 gallons bottle is not accepted at the application new you by the convenience of on merchandise imports. System on the input is becoming possible, but we ask you to bottle type of change.

※The customers who want large + small stickers for water server may request for the same while placing a new order. We will dispatch it separately.
First Delivery
3 bottles of Hawaii Water (2,280 Yen x 3 nos) = Total 6,840 Yen (exclusive of tax)
We deliver at following places:
Please note that, we deliver the goods only in the areas of 23 wards of Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan areas, Kanagawa prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture and Tochigi prefecture (partly).Refer to the list for more details.
While placing an additional order for the Hawaii Water
If an order for more than 2 bottles of the Hawaii Water is placed, each bottle of Hawaii Water will cost 2,280 Yen (exclusive of tax) without any extra delivery charges (excluding some areas).