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Are the days of the first delivery fixed?
The water server, in a simple format contains the details regarding the days of first delivery. We heartily request you to make the necessary arrangements on the fixed day of delivery, in case it is not possible, please feel free to discuss about the alternative days.
Is it possible to deliver the goods at the customer's convenience (on the day when we are at home or on the changed residential address)?
Yes, we certainly deliver at your convenience, on the desired date, so kindly mention the desired date of delivery in the application itself.
What is the procedure of delivery from 2nd delivery onwards, especially in case of customer's absence (at home, during the day ) or in a self-locking apartment?
We collect and replace the bottle with a new one, free of charge, if the empty bottle is kept in the delivery BOX or at specified place. Since payment is done by automatic fund transfer or credit cards, it is very simple and convenient for the customers.
How far can the Hawaii Water be preserved?
Best before 1 month after the seal is opened or 1 year in case the seal has not been opened. Please store the bottle away from direct sunlight.
What is the procedure for ordering an additional quantity of Hawaii Water?
At the time of first delivery of Hawaii water and water server the customers are provided with a magnet on which all our telephone numbers have been inscribed. The customers can place their order for an additional quantity of Hawaii Water through those telephone numbers. Placing an additional order is very simple too. All that the customers need is to give their telephone number, number of bottles required and the number of bottles emptied.
Why this water from Hawaii is so pure?
This Hawaii water has been stored underground in the 200m lava stone of Hawaii Owafu island, for last 25 years which has made it more than 99.9% pure and so sweet to taste.
It can be said to be a natural underground large size draft of water which is refined further up to the molecular level with reverse osmotic membrane.
Ingredients Below measurement standard value
Magnesium : Below measurement standard value
Potassium: Below measurement standard value
Sodium: 0.56mg/liter
Use of advanced ozone processing and RO film technology
Food It makes the soup stock of seaweeds and mushrooms tastier and brings out the original taste of the ingredients.
Refreshments It maintains the original taste and flavor of coffee, black tea and Japanese tea too.
For the infants It can be used while preparing powdered milk for the infants.
For the pets It is the best water to be given to your pets
What is the difference between Hawaii Water (Pure water) and Mineral water?
  Hawaii Water
(Pure water)
Mineral Water
Features It is pure underground water drawn out from the beautiful Hawaii islands. It is the purified water from which minerals are removed with the reverse osmotic membrane and it is not harmful for your body in any way. Despite using several disinfection methods water from the riverhead consisting of impurities such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium, etc.is bottled without further purification.
Characteristics This pure water is well absorbed in the body and maintains the original taste and flavour of tea and coffee too.  
Taste This water is so pure that customer can understand its original taste. This water is palatable to the taste of Japanese people. Despite of several manufacturers, a trend showing hard water not being palatable to the Japanese people is observed.
Food preparation Since the Hawaii Water is soft water, it makes any food preparation easier. Moreover, since it is mineral-free, it maintains the original taste and flavour of the food. Basically, soft water is used while preparing Japanese dishes. Since the mineral water is not totally pure (contains minerals), it might hinder the original taste of the food.
Hardness/PH Super soft water (Hardness 1.05)
PH7.2 (neutral)
Soft water, average hardness 100~150
Hard water, hardness of 300 and above
What is the difference between Hawaii Water (Pure water) and water available in Japan?
■"Heated Disinfected Mineral Water"
In Japan, the mineral water is usually boiled and disinfected. Since it is mentioned in the law for Food Sanitation that " a heat treatment where either water should be heated at 85 degrees for 30 minutes or more or a similar amount of heat should be added to it. However, the method of manufacturing the mineral water differs according to the manufacturer. Though this water is very safe, the oxygen, carbon gas and minerals are lost in this heating process and the quality of water might deteriorate. Moreover, the bacteria benefial to the human body might also be lost.
■"Non-heated Disinfected Mineral Water"
The mineral water which is purified through non-heating disfection methods such as ozonation and ultraviolet rays sterilization without any heat sterilization process and filter sterilization process. These processes are most popular in the United States and ozone sterilization is made obligatory in law in some states. Though the Hawaii water is bottled after processing the "Ozone sterilization ultraviolet rays sterilization" through reverse osmotic membrane and maintaining the sweetness of the water in this non-heating process, the infrastructure investment becomes necessary. So very few Japanese manufacturers are adopting this method.
How it should be maintained ?
While exchanging the bottle, please wipe the surrounding of the tap or main body of the server and clean the water outlet. For the hygienic purpose, customer should perform daily maintenance of the server by himself.

Customer's Voice

Great satisfaction to the family
We are very much satisfied with the product. As the Hawaii water is delicious to taste and the server is also convenient, we gave our electric heating pot to one of the friend (Housewife, Female 33 years)
Image of "Hawaii Water"
I used to buy a pet bottle of purified water from the convenience store till now and I used to feel very guilty while disposing off the pet bottles by crushing it. But now I have ordered your product "Hawaii Water". The service of your company of collecting the empty bottles and reusing it very good and I feel that it is matching to the image of "Hawaii Water" (Housewife, Female 40 years)
Difficult to carry or lift heavy bottle
The water is light, tasty and delicious. However, the bottles are of American Size and we housewives face difficulties while lifting the heavy bottles. (Housewife Female 36 years)
Hereafter, I will use only Hawaii Water
I am using this Hawaii water for past half an year when my friend told me about it. It is sweet, delicious to taste. I will use it in future also (company employee, Female 28 years)
Intake of juice is decreased
I am very happy to use this product. Even the intake of juice by children is reduced. It is helping for maintaining the health of family members. (Company employee Male 38 years)
It is very convenient.
It is very convenient as the fresh, delicious water is always available when ever you want. (Company employee, Male 42 years)
It is popular among children.
Children liked the taste of Hawaii Water. Till now, children used to say that water taste is bitter, but now intake of juice by children is reduced after shifting to Hawaii Water. (Housewife, Female 32 years)
It is little difficult to insert the heavy bottle.
We are satisfied as it is easy to drink as compared to the conventional mineral water. But, inserting the new bottle is bit difficult due to its big size. (Company employee Female 29 years)
Satisfactory Service
Hawaii Water is not only good in taste, but other factors like procedure for placing the order or delivery are also very convenient and comfortable. Please provide same kind of service in future too. (Housewife, Female 42 years)
Easy to eat Ramen
It is very convenient as it gets absorbed easily in the cup ramen or coffee. (Company employee, Male 28 years)
Prompt and polite service
It was very nice to receive a prompt and polite response for my order through internet. (Company employee, Male 37 years)
Server does not become hot
I was using the server of some other company. My kitchen used to become very hot due to that server. This year it remains cool. Thanks to your product. (Housewife, Female 39 years)
Liquor (Shochu) taste becomes delicious
Water contents of Shochu became mild. My husband became very fond of it and started taking it to office. (Housewife, Female, 35)
Now we hardly buy soft drinks
Now days, we don't buy pet bottles of soft drinks as delicious, ultra pure water is always available. (Company employee, Male 40 years)
We can feel the purity of the water from the color of the tea
Hawaii water not only helps in making delicious tea but also the color of the tea doesn't change even after longer period. Our tea used to become Yellow after some time, but now after starting the use of Hawaii Water it started to be remain green even after 3 hours. !!! The reason for the same may be there are no impurities mixed in this water. It is terrific. (Housewife, Female 44 years)
We started drinking "Hawaii water" instead of having beer after bath (Furoagari)
Thank you very much for the prompt reply to my E-mail. Hawaii water is simply delicious. After arrival of server, we started drinking only Havaii water which resulted in reduction in purchase of tea. We started preferring "Hawaii Water" for drinking rather than beer after the bath. (Company employee, Male 32 years)
I feel very lucky.
While shopping, when ever I see yellow color truck of Hawaii Water, I place order by calling them. I feel lucky after drinking delicious Hawaii water everyday.(Housewife, Female 28 years)
It has soothing, heeling power
I am using Hawaii water since one month . My experience is that, the teatime is increased as it takes lesser time to make tea and coffee by using the Hawaii water. I feel very happy as there is no worry of bleaching powder like other pots and no need to add water very often. I have recommended it to my friend too. I had seen it occasionally in the hospital and the beauty parlors, however, I didn't know that it can be purchased with such handsome price. I wish I would have known it before. I would like to use it in the future too. (Housewife, Female 38 years)
It seems to be useful at the time of disasters too
It is very useful and it can be used as the time of disasters also. But it will be "flaw in the crystal", if order is not reached in time and if there is no water available at all…..(Company employee, Male 38 years)

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