Till production of Hawai Water. Making The Hawaii Water

Water Source
Hawaii islands, the least environmentally polluted area of the world.
The rain water from the Oafu island accumulated in the underground springheads for 25 years passes through the volcanic rocks which work as natural filters for purifying the water.
Filtration process
The water which is pumped out from 200m below the sea level, is transported to the factory through the pipelines and purified with the help of a filter of five microns (HEPA filter) and an activated carbon filter.
RO System
This system has been developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and micro size filters with one hole of 1/1000 microns are used in it. Hawaii water is passed through this RO system in 5 stages and purified up to its molecular level.

RO system = Reverse Osmosis System (reverse osmotic membrane system)
When salt water and fresh water are poured into a container partitioned by an infiltration film, the fresh water moves to the side of the high density salt water according to the difference in the osmotic pressure and this system has a property where density of both the types of water becomes fixed. The principle of the reverse osmotic membrane is to apply pressure more than the osmotic pressure to the salt water side artificially, and to purify water through the infiltration film filter.
Removal of super-minute dioxins, metals, and viruses, etc. which is seemingly impossible by a general purifying method are removed by this method producing the safest and highly permeable water.

Types of Filter Size of filter film Impurities which can be removed
Activated carbon
1 1 Micron Chlorine, bleaching powder, mold smell, hair, pollen, and salmonella, etc.
Hollow fiber film 0.1~0.01 0.1~0.01 Microns Cholera, typhoid bacterium, legionella bacteria, colon bacillus 0-157, and the AIDS virus, and Hepatitis B (infectious disease) virus and bacteria of Krypton etc.
RO film
(reverse osmotic
0.0001 0.0001Microns Dioxin, formaldehyde, arsenic, agricultural chemicals, trihalomethanes, trichloroethylenes, halogenated compounds, lead, and mercury, etc.
Not only microbes of viruses, but endocrine disruptors such as dioxin formaldehyde, which cannot be removed with the help of general softeners and purifiers can be removed through this system. Thus, this water is purest and safest water, nearest to the H2O.
UV and Ozone
In addition to this, the water is thoroughly sterilized and disinfected with the help of the ultraviolet rays and ozonation.
Fully Automatic line
All the processes right from manufacturing, washing of the bottles, filling of the bottles, putting of caps to removing the bottles from the line are conducted with the help of robots, without manual involvment of any sort through this ultra-modern fully automatic line.
Fully Automatic line
The Hawaii water is loaded into large size containers, dispatched from the factory and sent to Yokohama through container tankers.
After reaching Yokohama, the Hawaii water once again goes through a strict quality testing and after which it is stored in a warehouse where its temperature is controlled.
Delivery Acceptance
Orders from the customers are accepted through telephone, FAX and home page
After receiving the an order from a customer, a special delivery truck is sent to the customer's residence and the product is delivered free of cost.