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How We Use Your Personal Information

RakuRaku Agent Co. Ltd.

We at the RakuRaku Agent Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) respect the privacy of all the users who make use of our services (hereinafter referred to as “customers”) and process the information registered by our customers (hereinafter referred to as “Personal information”) with extreme care.

[What do we mean by Personal Information?]
Personal information is information related to an individual user by which that particular individual can be identified.
However, the individual users can not be identified using the individual information which is processed statistically. Thus, it is not included in the scope of 'Personal Information".
[Information Collection]
Our company collects personal information from the users in follwing cases
  • In case, the user has used the services provided by our company
  • In case, the user has participated in a questionnaire
  • In case, the user has applied for a campaign or monitoring etc.
[Information Use]
Personal information collected on this website is used for following purposes only and special consent is sought for, before using this information for any other purposes.
  • While examining the utilization of all the services being provided and also while receiving customer opinions
  • While responding to the queries and grievences of the users
  • While sending presents and expressing gratitude towards the customers
  • While delivering the ordered commodities (excluding the mail address)
[Information Sharing and Disclosure]
Unless and until it is not sought for by the law, personal information collected on this website is not shared or disclosed to a 3rd party, without prior permission of the users. In addition to this, information is shared with our service-entrusted company under non-disclosure agreements and it is ensured that the service-entrusted company will use this information in a proper manner only.
[Information Management]
The personal information of the users is stringently safeguarded by our administrative manager so as to avoid access to this information by the general users. Also, excluding the following instances, this information is not shared or leaked to a 3rd party without prior permission of the users (excluding the party to which consignment is given).
  • While providing all kinds of services, we believe in disclosing the information to the police or such 3rd party to whom the user is thought to have caused harm.
  • When demand for the personal information is put forth by the court of law, the Public Prosecutor’s office, the police, the Bar Association, the Consumer centers or other agencies possessing similar rights.
  • When it is necessary to disclose the personal information for the sake of safeguarding the rights and property of all the services that are provided by our company.
In addition to this, some times the statistical information of the users is shared while giving more information about the services provided by the company to the cooperative business sectors (inclusive of enterprises which are potential cooperative business sectors), the advertisers, and other third party enterprises or shared due to some legal matter.
[How to Edit or Delete your Personal Information]
Customer can make a request through the “Query” page provided on website of each of the services for sharing, editing or deleting their personal information. Please respond according to the prescribed procedure. Kindly refer to the last page of the “Privacy Policy” for more information or you can also contact us through the "Query" page.
We make use of “Cookies” in order to increase the convenience of our customers.
However, the customers can reject the cookies by setting up a browser or display a warning in case they have received a cookie.
[Survey of user numbers at all the service pages]
We keep a count of the number of times the pages of all our services are being accessed by the users and examine the usage. The aggregate results are treated as confidential and are not disclosed anywhere. Information other than that is not acquired by us, since the first and foremost aim behind collecting and examining this information is to facilitate the designing of our future business policies only. We do not seek to collect private information of the users such as names, addresses, etc through this examination. We appreciate your cooperation helping us to provide you a satisfactory and an easy to use website.
[Administrative Manager]
The personal information registered on our website is managed by Mr. Harada Takeshi [Administrative manager, RakuRaku Agent Co. Ltd.]
[Contact Details]
Contact details are given below. Please feel free to contact us for more details on how we process the personal information.
4-18-4, Sanou, Ota-ku, Tokyo
RakuRaku Agent Co. Ltd. Personal Information Consultation Hotline
Contact Number:03-5743-2100 (Monday to Saturday from 9:00~20:00 hrs./ Sundays and public holidays: from 9:00~18:00 hrs.)
Please note that all the queries related telephone calls are recorded by us so that they can be processed properly.
* You can also contact us by e-mail through the "Query" page.

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