Water Server. All About The Water Server

Outline of Water Server manufactured by our Company

Water Safety (Patent of ELKY company)
Water does not overspill even if the bottle is turned upside down or it is removed halfway.
Equipped with Air Filter
Air inside the bottle remains fresh all the time since it is supplied after being activated.
Size of a 5 gallon bottle
  • 18.9 Litre
  • Width of 28cm, Depth of 28cm and a height of 50cm (40cm when the server is inserted)
Size of the Home Water Server
  • Width of 32cm, depth of 37.5cm as height of 100cm
  • Weight of 16.8kg
  • Voltage of 100 volts and approx.600W 5.75A
Other Salient Features
Provides both cold and hot water. Temperature of cold water is 5°C and that of hot water is 90°C. The Hawaii Water server creates an image of a refrigerator. Since it consumes only 100 volts of electric power, your electric expenses will be reduced to half as compared to the household electric pot.
Facility of Free Periodic Maintenance (Cleaning).
Please not that server specifications might be modified without any prior notice.
Paper cups and Cup holders (additional option)
Equipped with paper cups and a cup holder
  • Paper cups: 100 nos., each 300 Yen (exclusive of tax)
  • Cup holder: 1 nos., each 1,500 Yen (exclusive of tax)
Please note that you will receive a phone call from our delivery person-in charge regarding the delivery date after a new order for the server placed.
What is Hawaii Water?
Filtered water with more than 99.9% purity. Natural ground water which is further "polished" up to molecular level by using the reverse osmotic membrane (reverse osmotic membrane with a hole of 1/10,000,000 millimeter). Islands of Hawaii enjoys beautiful natural surroundings, a clear atmosphere and world’s largest amount of precipitation because of business trend. Similar to Japan, it also comes under a volcanic belt. Over a period of years, the natural rain water from high mountain ranges which is naturally collected at 200m under the sea level is naturally “polished”. Thus, the natural underground water from the islands of Hawaii, blessed by the Goddess of Nature, is a highly purified water. This highly-purified water is further naturally “polished” up to molecular level so that its freshness, purity, taste is preserved.